What does online-service 24bestex do? is an online service, that you can use for safe and momentary conversion of the electronic currency or receive a crypto-loan. There are more than 350 currency pairs on We are the official exchange for Perfect Money and AdvCash payment systems. With the help of our exchange you can:

  • Withdraw Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple, DASH, Monero, Stellar, Litecoin, and many other top coins on Privat Bank or any other bank card;
  • Recharge the account on exchange, deposit/withdraw money on Perfect Money, AdvCash, and PAYEER;
  • Exchange cash to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT, Perfect Money, AdvCash, PAYEER, and others;
  • Receive money on pledge of cryptocurrency.

How service works?

Work schedule – 24 hours.

How to contact us?

You can write us in online-chat;
Send an e-mail on [email protected];
Call us on +380442227790; +380948227790.

How to create an application?

To create an application You need to follow the instruction:

1. Choose the direction of the exchange (for example, in the column “You give” – Ethereum, in the column “You receive” – Bitcoin) and fill in the amount You would like to exchange or receive.
2. Fill in your information in the column “Personal information”, such as you e-mail, wallet number (account or card number) where you would like to receive money.
3. Press the button “Exchange” and after that the window with our payment details pops-up.
4. Copy our payment details and go you your wallet. Paste the amount stated in the application and our payment details. Confirm the transfer. Make sure that the amount was withdrawn from your account.
5. Then go back to our website and confirm the payment by pressing the “I paid” button. And it’s done.
6. After creating the application You will receive an e-mail with the status of your application.

What is referral program and how can you earn on it?

We created a simple and beneficial partnership program. This program provides you the opportunity to receive bonuses from us if your friends use our services.
You can receive additional bonus from us in amount of 0,05-0,025% from the amount exchanged by the person, who used your referral link. In the future you will receive bonuses from all the exchanges of your referral.

The amount of the bonuses:

  • 500-4999 USD — 0,05% of the exchanged amount
  • 5000-9999 USD — 0,1% of the exchanged amount
  • 10000-24999 USD — 0,15% of the exchanged amount
  • 25000-49999 USD — 0,2% of the exchanged amount
  • more than 50 000 USD — 0,25% of the exchanged amount

Our partnership program has 5 levels. Partner moves to the next level of the program automatically after your referrals exchange the certain amounts.
Everyone can earn with our partnership program. You just need to register on our website and use the special partnership link, that You can find in your profile in the section Partnership program.
It is welcome to use our advertising materials You can also find in your profile in Partnership program section.
Referral bonuses are allocated in Perfect Money USD, Advanced Cash currency right after the processing of the exchange application. You can submit a withdrawal application immediately after the referral money is allocated.
Minimum amount of withdrawal is 10 USD.

I paid for the application, but I didn’t receive money on my account. What is the reason?

There could be different reasons for that. In order for the exchange to be successfully completed, please, make sure, that you did everything correctly:

1. Check if you have correctly entered your transfer details (wallet, account or card numbers). If the details are incorrect, the status of your application will be “On review”, and then you will receive an e-mail with a description of the reason. If the incorrect details were used, a refund is impossible. We recommend that you carefully verify the accuracy of the specified data before creating the application;

2. Check if the amount was charged from your account. If we wouldn’t receive your funds your application would be deleted;

3. There may be a delay in the transfer from the payment system or the bank. In this case, we are unable to speed up the process, we can only wait. To find out the reasons for the delay, you can call or write technical support for your payment system or your bank;

4. All reasons are individual. Therefore, if your reason does not correspond to any of the above, you can write to us on the online support on our website.

We are always happy to help!

How long does the processing of the application take?

The exchange is processed by the operator manually and takes from 5 to 30 minutes after receiving of payment on application, the exchange speed also depends on the workload of our operators.

Why does the processing of my application take so long?

1. The exchange is processed manually by the operator and takes from 5 to 30 minutes. After receiving of payment, the applications are processed in order of priority. The speed of processing an application depends on the workload of our operators. There may also be other reasons:

The first and most common reason is that the application was not created. Remember, if you did not click the “I paid” button, the application is not created and we do not see it in the list of applications awaiting processing. If you accidentally closed or reloaded the page with this button, write to us online support and we will help you with this problem.

2. Check if the amount you sent matches the amount indicated in the application. If the payment amount differs from the amount indicated in the application, the application will get the “Deleted” status. In this case, also contact online support on our website and we will be happy to help You.

3. Incorrect details may also cause a delay in processing your application. Carefully check the specified details when filling in the application. If a mistake is made, we will not be able to transfer funds to you and the application will be on “On review” status. In this case, send us the correct details with the number of your application by email to [email protected] and we will process your application manually as soon as possible.

4. Check if you have copied our payment details correctly. If we wouldn’t receive payment on the application on our account, your application will be moved to the “Deleted” status. Also, there are currently frequent cases of spoofing addresses on the clipboard. In this case, it is necessary to check the computer for viruses and not use it to make payments until the virus is completely removed. If you did not notice the substitution and made a transfer to the wrong details, we, unfortunately, will not be able to help.

Is it possible to cancel my application?

In case your application was processed, your funds cannot be refunded.
If your application was paid, but not processed, you can get a refund (excluding the service fees), by writing to our online support on our website.

What are your fees?

The fees of our service are already included in the exchange rate and are displayed at the stage of application processing, including the transfer fees of the payment system.

I forgot the password to my account. How can I restore it?

Go to the password recovery page (“Forgot password” button) and enter the registered e-mail (login). An email will be sent to your mailbox with a link to confirm the password recovery. You have to open the letter and go to the page. After confirming the change of the password, you can fill in a new password.

I didn’t receive an e-mail with my password/account activation

If you did not receive a letter confirming the email address within 24 hours from the moment of your registration, then, first of all, you need to make sure that you entered the correct email during the registration. In addition, some mail services may move such messages to spam folder or not deliver them at all. The following points can help you solve the problem:
1. Make sure that you entered the correct email at registration. Go through the registration procedure again in order to do that. If a message appears that the email address was already used, then it was entered correctly;
2. Make sure that you check the mailbox that you entered during registration. This is especially relevant for those who use several e-mails, or several family members use the computer;
3. Check the “Spam” folder;
4. Check your spam filter settings (if you use them);
5. Contact the technical support of your email service and find out, were there any limitations from their side.
If none of the points haven’t helped, contact the online support on our website.

What is card verification process and why it has to be done?

This is a procedure of the user data confirmation, which increases the security of transactions and personal data within the exchange service. During verification, you need to upload photos and scanned copies of your documents. After the verification procedure of the account, sales/purchase of cryptocurrency using Visa/MasterCard bank cards are available for the user.

How to track the status of my application?

You can track the status of your application in your account in the “My Applications” section.
This information is also available by mail, which you entered when you created the application (registration). You will automatically receive messages with information about the change in the status of your application.

What is the Bitcoin network approval?

Usually, when receiving Bitcoin, the new owner cannot immediately use it. Once the transaction is completed, it is sent to the Bitcoin network for processing and it must be included in the block in order to become legitimate. The process of including a transaction in the found block is called transaction confirmation. Inclusion in 1 block = 1 confirmation, when there are 6 or more confirmations – the transaction is considered confirmed. Such a function was introduced to protect against repeated spending of the same bitcoins.

Our service requires 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin network, for your application to be processed.

I was asked to clear Cookies and Cache. How can I do it?

The web pages of our site may not be displayed correctly due to the fact that changes have been made there, and your browser continues to use outdated data from the cache.
In such cases, we ask you to clean the Cookies and Cache in order for all the functionality to fully and accurately work.
You can find the instructions for clearing cookies and cache in your browser.

What are Memo/Destination Tag/Message and why and when we need them?

A distinctive feature of Stellar/Ripple/Xem transfers between wallets is the additional verification of the transfer by indicating Memo/Destination Tag/Message. This is an additional field in the wallet or on the exchange, which must be filled in order not to lose the transfer.
They are unique and with their help, the exchange indicates who transferred the funds and on whose account they must be allocated.
Without specifying a Payment ID, you can lose coins during the transfer forever. About whether a Payment ID is needed or not, you will be informed in the payment instructions.

Why when transferring money in the Ethereum network the error "Out of gas" pops up?

The Gas limit value is responsible for the processing speed of your transaction. The higher it is, the higher priority it will have on the Ethereum network. If you initially sеlect a too low Gas Limit, then the transfer can stay unprocessed for an indefinite amount of time. The main amount of payment in ETH will be returned by the network within 1-30 minutes, but Gas spent on the transaction fees will be lost forever.
You can see which Gas to sеlect when transferring from your wallet here, where Safe Gas Price is the minimum recommended fee, and Propose Gas Price is the priority fee.